Monday, 5 April 2021

Happy Easter

Bunny Hop Mug Rug Pattern

Happy Easter across the world.  And let's face it - we need renewal this year more than ever.

Log Cabin Cross Mug Rug

I have only just got back to sewing after breaking my elbow badly five weeks ago.  Surgery ensued and I have been unable to cut or lift anything.  So this week I renewed the blade in my rotary cutter so it is extra sharp and began to increase the power in my arm by way of these two Tilda blocks.

Tilda Tiny Farmhouse Quilt Blocks (free pattern)

It is a slow start but hopefully my sewing ability will increase day-by-day.

Patchsmith Rainbow Mug Rug (Free Pattern)
In the meantime I just want to wish everybody, 
across the world, a Happy Easter
and brighter days to come.

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