Thursday, 29 April 2021

A Hive and a Side Mug Rug

A Hive and a Side Mug Rug

Sometimes a little pattern comes along that I design because it looks good.  I then find out from my customers how much they like it for its simplicity.  The Flag Sidebar from my One Block Mug Rug pattern book is perfect if you are new to patchwork – it is very forgiving due to the ‘give’ in the block and is suitable to any 6” block that might be slightly bigger than the 6½” (unfinished) size.

The Flag Sidebar and the Tea Mug 
(both included in the One Block pattern book)

The Flag Sidebar works really well as a traditional flag – perfect to picnic and holiday gifts.  However, it also works well in non-traditional fabrics.  When teamed with a patchwork, embroidery or applique block, this sidebar will turn any 6” block into a fun and functional gift suitable for young and old alike.

A simple block suits the Flag Sidebar very well.

And here is how simple it goes together.

First pick your block – I picked the Hive block from my Sampler Blocks pattern book

The 6" Patchwork Hive from my Sampler Pattern Book

Picking fabrics is always the longest part of any project for me.  This time I let the dusky look of the charcoal grey on the hive block guide me and went for two grey 5” charm squares.  I added a scrap of green for the upper corner to tie in with the spring colours of the hive.

Two charm squares and a small green scrap of fabric

I then stitched the flag sidebar together – it took just 10 minutes.  

A scrap happy Flag Sidebar

And with a press it was all ready to stitch to the side of my block.

Quick and easy to put together ...

Quilting for me is very time dependent so I did a simple double layer of outline quilting around the hive and then quilted along the seams of the flag and the hive.

Finally, a vintage piece of Debbie Mumm fabric was cut to create the borders.  I love the black-and-white border – it screams county chic to me.

A hostess gift ready and waiting.

There you have it.  Just one of the ten patterns from my One Block Mug Rug Pattern book – available via Amazon or Etsy.

Until next time when I will be visiting another pattern from the book.

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