Saturday 17 December 2016

Twelve Mug Rugs of Christmas - Day Nine - Personalised Mug Rug

I cannot think of one Gran in the whole wide world who wouldn’t love to receive a handmade gift at Christmas.  Nor Mother, Father, friend or relative either.

And when you are finished making Christmas gifts from Christmas charm squares with my Mug Rug Alphabet pattern you can whip up a skinny table topper for the Christmas table.   
I traced the letters onto fusible webbing so that they were touching each other.  I then cut out 'Christmas' all as one piece.

The Mug Rug Alphabet pattern is available as an individual pattern.  It comes with three full sets of alphabets so you will never be stuck for personalising a last-minute gift. You can find it with all my other patterns in my 


  1. So much to love in today's post! It's been wonderful to follow your journey through the Farmers Wife blocks! You're right about mug rugs, too...everyone loves them!

    1. That is because they can whip up a gift using whatever fabrics they have to hand. Thrifty and heartfelt.