Monday 12 December 2016

Twelve Mug Rugs of Christmas - Day Four - Santa's Wheel Mug Rug

We all need somewhere to rest our coffee and cookie as we write our letters to Santa.  And when the letter writing is done - the Santa’s Wheel mug rug is the perfect place for a glass of milk and a carrot on Christmas Eve.

Applique isn’t just for fabric though. How about a little bit of quick-fuse on card?  (I drew the smile using a fine point Sharpie.)

The Santa’s Wheel Mug Rug is one of ten seasonal patterns found in the Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs pattern book -   available for immediate download from my Craftsy Store or from Etsy.
or in paperback format via Amazon.

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  1. Your Santa card is so cute! That is a great idea!! I love that your patterns are available as immediate downloads!