Wednesday 28 December 2016

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 88, 89, 91, 92, 93, and 95

I am finishing up my Farmer’s Wife 1930s quilt and this is the penultimate post with six blocks detailed......
Block 88 – Rosemary.  This was a straightforward block to paperpiece – it just took a long time.  But no problems and I love the strawberry colours.
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 88 - Rosemary

Block 89 – Ruby.  I wasn’t sure I would like this block as it is an odd design where none of the seams match.  However, it turned out really pretty using just two charm squares for each colour.  Notes in the book read “I may have stitched the sections together incorrectly but we will never know and it doesn’t matter.”
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 89 - Ruby

Block 91 – Sarah.  Another block full of half-square-triangles and flying geese.  A little boring after some of the more challenging blocks in the book.
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 91 - Sarah

Block 92 – Sonnie.  It is over a year ago that I paper-pieced this block.  My scribbled notes in the book remind me that it took “1 hour and 20 mins but it turned out lovely and to size”.   That it did. 
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 92 - Sonnie

Block 93 – Starlight.  This is one of my favourite blocks – it turned out perfectly to size and oh so pretty.  I changed the paper-piecing templates to make it easier to line up a direction print so F1 became F2, E1 became E2, G1 became G2 and H1 became H2 (and F2 became F1, etc, etc).
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 93 - Starlight

Block 95 – Sylvia.  This block was a dream to put together using a mixture of paper-piecing and patchwork.  Notes read “prettiest block in the book – my favourite.”  I used 1½” squares for the paper-piecing from my scrap box and cut the outer borders larger than needed and trimmed the block to size.  Who'd have thought scraps could look this good?
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 95 - Sylvia
I hope to be back on New Year’s Eve with the very last six Farmer’s Wife 1930s blocks.  So until then ......

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  1. I just love you latest blocks! Especially, I am taken with #88 and #95 !! I can't believe you will be finishing them up! Awesome work!