Sunday 3 January 2016

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 27, 28, 29, 30 and 86

Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 29 - Doris
It has been pretty relaxed over the Christmas period as far as the Farmer’s Wife blocks are concerned.  There was a gap in both sew-alongs so people could catch up (not to mention share a cup-of-cheer ..... or two ..... or three!). 

The last four blocks in the Very Kerry Berry farmer's wife 1930s sew-along were two lots-of-little-bits blocks:

Block 27 – Dinah.  I made this block in Christmassy fabrics - bright and cheery.  It was quiet easy paper-piecing.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 27 - Dinah

Block 28 – Dolly.  I had two orange patterned charm squares that I wasn't particularly keen on but I couldn't waste them so I used them in this block and look how pretty it turned out.  I only just had enough though which is surprising as the orange pattern doesn't look like it is two charm squares worth.
Farmer's Wife Block no. 28 - Dolly

Block 29 – Doris.  This is one of the blocks that I had been looking forward to making.  But when I first made it I put it together in the wrong order with the central points facing out instead of in.  So I remade it – I wanted this block to be just right.  And so it turned out.  Notes in book read “lovely fabrics, pretty block” – and so it is.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 29 - Doris

Block 30 – Em.  My notes say it all “Oh my goodness – what a lot of work – 84 pieces!!”.  I cut my squares to 1¼” and patched this block.  I made my half-square triangles bigger (2”) and trimmed them to size as it was easier this way.  It turned out lovely and went together really well. 
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 30 - Em
The Gnome Angel sew-along finished with two blocks – one of which (block no. 9 ‘Autumn) I had already made.  So yet again – a nice easy week:

Block 86 – Priscilla.  I paper-pieced the majority of this block but the long seams are slightly inset so I hand-stitched them at the intersections (where they met the center square).  This enabled me to get the insets just right and machine stitch the rest of the long seams.  It wasn’t hard or fiddly but notes in book read “not keen on look of this block but pretty fabrics help it.”
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 86 - Priscilla

That brings us all up-to-date for the start of 2016 and both sew-alongs resume tomorrow (4th January 2016).  Are you up-to-date and ready?  You can see all the blocks I have made so far over on my Farmer’s Wife PinterestBoard or on my Farmer’s Wife blog page.

I will be back next Wednesday when I will share with you how I intend to join in the upcoming Riley Blake Calico Days 'Bloom' sew-along without making another full-size quilt.  (You can download the details and free pattern for the 'Bloom' sew along here (in PDF format).

Sew until then .......


  1. These are all so beautiful! I love the use of white for the starpoints in Doris. And, when in doubt about using orange, pair it with turquoise, and you'll never regret it. Well done!!!

    1. I thought I didn't really like orange until I paired it with turquoise!

  2. They look great Amanda, you really have a flair for these little blocks and fabric selectiin. Love!

  3. What beautiful blocks! I love your color combinations. My favorites this week are Dolly and Em! That blue and orange combination is stunning!

    1. That blue/orange combo is from scraps I was going to throw away. Thankfully I am a waste-not-want-not type of girl.