Saturday 16 January 2016

Valentine Half-Hearted Nine-Patch Split

I love when patchwork and applique come together. And if that project is quick and easy then even better - which is one of the reasons why I love my Half-Hearted Mug Rug pattern.
This week a block crossed my path - the split nine-patch block by Peta from She Quilts a Lot - which provided the opportunity to combine my two favourite pastimes  
Split Nine-Patch block - Patchsmith style

As soon as I saw Peta's beautiful patchwork block I knew exactly what applique would turn this into a Valentine beauty. 
Valentine Half-Hearted Nine-Patch Split

So I grabbed my Half-Hearted Mug Rug pattern and created two pairs of applique half-hearts. 

Applique Half-Hearts

Tip:  To speed up the process you can create a pair of identical half-hearts by stitching two 2½” x 6” rectangles of fabric together along the 6” length and use this for the applique. If you want four identical hearts then simple cut two 2½” x 12” rectangles and stitch together along the 12” length.

I created the background 9" square before deciding on the placement of my hearts as I wasn't sure if I wanted them all facing the same direction......  

straight half-hearts

or slightly squiffy ....... 
skewed half-hearts

I went with squiffy!   Once you’ve decided on the layout simply fuse and stitch in place.

Tip:  Remember to allow for the seam allowance when placing the hearts on the two outside squares - in other words place the hearts more towards the center leaving a larger gap at the outside edges. 
Imagine a complete quilt of these beautiful blocks ....

This block was so simple I am going to make some more.  Until then I have placed my pretty Valentine mug rug on my sewing table as a gentle reminder.   

Valentine Half-Hearted Mug Rug

The Half-Hearted Mug Rug pattern comes with easy-to-follow instructions, colour diagrams and full-size applique templates and, like all Patchsmith patterns, costs from just $2.50 (approx £2.00).   

So what are you waiting for ....... SEW!


  1. You are a perfect matchmaker of pretty things! I agree that patchwork plus applique equals wonderful!!!

    1. And you are the perfect matchmaker of style and chic. Thank you (am enjoying your pattern - good fun). xxx

  2. That is one Sweet Mug Rug. But I think it's full hearted coming from you. I think your fabric choices make it even sweeter.

    1. And you are so sweet to leave such a lovely comment. Thank you. xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Melody. It is one of those patterns that I keep returning to - especially when I get a new fat quarter bundle ;-)

  4. Hello Amanda! What a beautiful block you have created! Love the pretty little mug rug too! Christine x

  5. Pretty and cute! Plus your fabric combo is lovely and that binding is perfect touch!