Thursday 14 January 2016

Farmer's Wife 1930s Block no. 40 - Grandmother

Farmer's Wife 1930s Block no. 40 - Grandmother (without inset seam)

If you are attempting to paper-piece the Grandmother block from the Farmer’s Wife 1930s sampler quilt book then I would recommend you make a slight adjustment to the templates before you begin.  This will avoid an unnecessary inset seam.
Farmer's Wife 1930s Block no. 40 - Grandmother (with inset seam)

All you need to do is square off section D to incorporate the A1 triangle into the D section. Don't forget to shorten the A section too as you will no longer need to piece A1 in the A section.  These two simple changes make this block so much easier to construct.
Do not use these templates - they are not to size.
You need to use the templates that come with the book.

And if you want to add a quick-fuse handle to this basket block here is a template for you to use:   Farmer’s Wife 1930s Grandmother Block Handle 

Be sure to come back on Sunday to see the Farmer’s Wife blocks I have created this week.  Until then ........


  1. Replies
    1. It will help enormously Melody turning a tricky little block into a lovely block to make.

  2. Another beautiful block and a very useful tip! Which fabric are you using Amanda? They are so fresh and pretty! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

    1. I am using whatever I have to hand Christine. It is very eclectic and some of the fabric scraps I have had for years. Have a lovely weekend too.

  3. Both of your baskets are so beautiful!
    When I make these blocks, I will be looking up ALL of your tips and helps BEFORE I cut and begin a block!!

  4. thank you for the tip and the handle, it's very useful !

  5. I'm glad it's helpful Florence. xxx