Friday, 28 November 2014

Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs in Paperback

Good news – the Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs is now available in paperback.

More good news for all USA readers – Amazon are giving a 5% discount on this product – just click Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs USA (or the picture above) for details.  They also have an extra 30% off any one book up until the end of November 2014 (details on their website).

And if you live in the UK – just click Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs UK (or the link below).

If you prefer instant availability then you will want the Craftsy PDF edition – available for immediate automatic download from my Craftsy Pattern Store (along with all Patchsmith downloadable patterns).

And remember - the Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs are not just for Christmas - many of the patterns will work all year round.


  1. What a great addition to any library! How nice to keep a bit of The Patchsmith in our hands, and not just in our hearts. Congratulations!

  2. Yay!! A hard copy edition to keep on our "favorite" patterns bookshelf!! I know it must be so cool to flip through the pages and pick out what to make next....
    Congratulaions, Amanda!!

  3. I love this hard copy option!! I've passed the link along too!! Congratulations Amanda!!!

  4. How cool is that! Congrats!