Sunday, 9 November 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 60 and 121

This is the penultimate pair of blocks as we approach the end of the Patchiqué journey.  Soon it will be time to put all the blocks together, ready for quilting.
Block 60 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
This week's blocks were surprisingly easy.  I say surprisingly because block 60 ‘Yotsume guruma’ (quadruple wheel) uses a template for the patchwork and all triangles are cut on the bias – two of my least favourite ways to construct patchwork.  But it worked really well and the finished block is one of my favourites (you may know this block as Flying Kite).
Patchique Block 60 - Patchsmith Style
To make the finished 9½” block you first create four 5” blocks and then stitch them together.  My block is just shy of 9½” but the sashing should accommodate this small discrepancy.  As I am coming to the end of my fabric stash I had to pick fabrics where I had enough to cut the necessary pieces.  I love making-do and I am very pleased with how this block turned out.

Block 121 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
Next up was block 121 ‘Kaku kuyo’ (translated as nine squares).  This block combines patchwork and appliqué and I patched the block before adding quick-fuse appliqué circles.  Making the block in this way, I had to remember to allow for the block's seam allowance when placing the circles.  

However, the instructions suggest appliquéing the circles onto each patch before sewing the block together.  This is a better way as you can centre the circles without having to take into account seam allowances.  Even so, this is another block I enjoyed as it was very quick and very easy.
Patchique Block 121 - Patchsmith Style 
You will require 2½” diameter circles and I have produced a 2½” circle PDF for you to use.  I traced the circles onto the paper side of my fusible webbing (Bondaweb or Wonder Under) and then fused it to the back of my chosen fabrics.  As you can see I fussy-fused (is that even a term?) to make good use of the fabric print.

Next fortnight will be the last time I post two blocks for this quilt as they will be the last two blocks.  I have chosen patchwork block 38 and appliqué block 104.

Sew until then .............


  1. you know, it's so funny. for a long time, i didn't click through on your Patchiqué posts because I saw these (to me) staid, boring brown blocks on Bloglovin'. Then I clicked through once and realized that of course your interpretations of each block are fun and alive!

    1. I think Bloglovin picks the first photo on the blog but I am definitely adding a 'pretty' touch to the blocks. The Japanese style is muted and subtle - I am much more 'modern country'.
      If you want to see all the blocks close up then you can find them here:
      but I am glad you like my interpretation.

  2. p.s. and I'm sure "fussy-fused" IS a word . . at least it is now!

    1. I agree.... The Patchsmith is my ultimate source!!

  3. These are really pretty! And a great addition to our blocks! I must get Patchique-ing... now I have these last 4 to make! Block 60 Quadruple Wheel is one of my favorite blocks!! I am so glad there is a pinwheel in our quilts!!

    1. I cannot believe we are approaching the end. There is still a bit of work to do though, with the sashing and posts but hopefully, this will get done before Christmas!

  4. These are two are saving the best for last, I think. The Flying Kite-style block looks sweet with a stripe for movement, and Fussy-Fusing is my new favorite word!