Sunday 23 November 2014

A Gaggle of Geese stop by the Nordic Mini Quilt Sew Along

Patchsmith Rows 1 and 2 of the Nordic Mini QAL.
I saw a flock of flying geese heading south over Farlington Marshes yesterday.  And today I have seen another flock of geese sitting on my workdesk – fourteen of them all in a row - row 2 of the Nordic Mini quilt-along is a chevron row of geese.  
Julie provides an excellent tutorial on how to make the geese quickly and easily.  However, I like things quicker and easier, so my geese are 3D flying geese.  It all starts with a goose sandwich.....
One Goose Sandwich
I love this method as I only need stitch one seam per goose. 
A Gaggle of Geese - just one seam each.
And when I’ve pressed the backs I can see clearly where the points are.  
I can see easily where the points are when stitching the blocks together.
This is so helpful for stitching two geese together into one chevron.   
Two geese - one chevron.
We all have our favourite method of gaggling our geese but if you want to give 3D flying geese a go then here is a 3D FLYING GEESE PDF print out to help you on your way. 

I am looking forward to the next row later this week, but for now I must get on with my last two Patchique blocks.   

Sew until next time .................


  1. Hello Amanda! What a beautiful project this is! I love it and thank you for sharing your method of making flying geese... I haven't seen that method before! Looks nice and easy!! :) xx

    1. I like this method Christine as I find I am less likely to lose the points off the geese.

  2. This is my favorite way to make flying geese!! Thank you for the great PDF directions! There is also a video on youtube on how to make these - that's where I first saw it.

    1. It has been my favourite method too ever since I tried it last year. I saw it first in a book by Karen Hellaby. It is really nifty (English slang for good).

  3. Wow - these geese are really lovely, stitched the Patchsmith way! I don't think I've ever seen them so perfectly placed before, even this tiny! Your Nordic Mini is just adorable already - can't wait to see it all finished up!!!