Thursday, 19 February 2015

Red Elephants Never Forget

Red Elephants Mug Rug Pattern
I’m revisiting some of my early patterns as I create a book collection of animal and pet mug rug patterns.  This week I have been working on the Red Elephants mug rug. 

This pattern was the third mug rug pattern I designed and it came about after my sister, Lea, gave me a little notebook to write my ideas in.  It was this notebook that inspired the Red Elephant mug rug pattern. 
The inspiration behind Red Elephants
Two years later and my pattern making skills have much improved.  So I have updated Red Elephants to reflect this.  The hearts are a little more ‘heart-like’, the template slightly more defined and I have included a ‘print-to-size’ check box on the appliqué sheet.  The mug rug size and cuteness is just as it always was.
The Original 2012 Red Elephants Mug Rug
The original was hand-stitched and I love that soft look hand-stitching gives appliqué.  
Hand-stitched Elephant
But in the interests of balance I remade it this week using machine stitching.  Machine stitching gives it a crisper look and I love this look too.   
Machine-stitched Elephant
Isn’t that a sign of a good pattern – one that suits all sewists and methods?  I hope you enjoy the update. 

p.s.  If you purchased the original Red Elephants pattern then all you need do is re-download it from your Craftsy pattern library.  If you haven’t purchased this mug rug pattern then you’ll be pleased to know, it is available in my Craftsy store for the bargain price of $1.99 - or you could wait for me to complete the new book as this pattern will be included.


  1. That's the stuff of good patterns, all right! I love that your designs can be made using our own favorite methods. This mug rug is still just as charming as ever!

    1. Thank you Amy - I am so fond of this mug rug.

  2. This is such a dear pattern!! I love how we can all customize the pattern to make each on unique and ours!

  3. Who doesn't love elephants and gingham at that! It's so cute. Yea, in my short pattern writing period I too have gone back. aaack!

  4. This is great! I have a whole set of stationery with the same elephant pattern, and I love it! Will be making heaps of these as presents for my friends. At least they'll never forget who gave them the present (I'm the only elephant collector they know!)

  5. is your elephants rug mug pattern in your crafts sotre book

    1. Yes Janice it is - it is called Red Elephants. If you click on the 'Red Elephants' link in the last paragraph of the blog it should take you right through.
      Just email me if I can help at all.