Tuesday 10 December 2019

Christmas Mug Rugs

Christmas will be here whether we are ready or not.  An hour or two spent in the sewing room may bring a little bit of calm to the season whilst also giving you the opportunity to create a lovely little gift out of little more than scraps.

A mug rug is the perfect handmade gift to give this season.  And I have twelve seasonal mug rugs that are just right for Christmas (and one or two are good all year round).

First up is my Mug Rug Alphabet.  This pattern is good for making a named mug rug or creating the perfect hostess gift. (This is an indispensable all-year-round patterns featured.)
Mug Rug Alphabet

Take a break from card writing with either design from my Christmas Delivery mug rug pattern - both designs are included in this $2.50 pattern:

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a reindeer or two.  This pattern is one of ten from my Christmas Mug Rugs book - available in PDF format via Etsy or via Amazon.

When wrapping gifts how about popping this fun mug rug into the gift bag as an extra little touch (also from my Christmas Mug Rugs book and another all-year-round pattern):

Prepare for Hanukkah (beginning on Sunday 22nd December this year) or use up some of those festive charm squares with the time-saving Celebration Candles mug rug.  (This pattern will come in handy whenever a birthday or special day arises throughout the coming year.)

And don't forget the holly wreath for the hall table to match the wreath on the door.  This pattern is from my new book 'Christmas on the Side' which enables you to create many mug rugs using any 6" block.

The next two mug rug designs are also from the Christmas on the Side pattern book - the Penguin Stack sidebar with nine-patch block (one of six blocks included in the book):

And a baubles sidebar paired with a decorated Christmas Tree applique block (also included in the book):

This is just a taster of some of the mug rug patterns I have designed specifically for the Christmas season.  Unsure which to choose?  Then grab one of my two pattern books (Christmas Mug Rugs or Christmas On-the-Side) and you are sure to find a design to suit everybody.  
Christmas Mug Rugs pattern book
Available for immediate download from ETSY or in paperback via Amazon

Christmas-on-the-side pattern book
Available for immediate download from ETSY 

Until next time .....


  1. What a beautiful collection of designs to choose from , Amanda!! Every time I see them, I have new favorites!!

  2. Such beautiful patterns Amanda! Just love your mug rugs! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Christine xx