Sunday, 3 November 2019

Granny's Garden Blocks 37 and 39

Granny's Garden Block 37
We are on the home straight for the Granny's Garden Bedrunner.  This week saw the completion of Blocks 37 and 39 - the former being very simple applique and the latter being a bit more work but made easier by reducing the layer.

Let us look at Block 37 first.  This flower block is very similar to Block 5 except it has two more leaves.  Nothing difficult here.
Remember Block 5 - way back in week 2?

Block 39 is not overly difficult either but it is a bit more work.  If you repeat the method used for Block 9 -you can reduce the layers.
Granny's Garden Block 39

It is also a bit of a tight squeeze fitting in the flowers and leaves into the inner circle.  But you can always trim them just a little if it helps.

Next week I will be making the last of the fourteen blocks needed for my bedrunner - Block 41.  So until then ......  

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