Sunday 21 October 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 34 - Birdhouse

Block 34 - Birdhouse
The Patchsmith Sampler sew-along is out in the garden for this week's block - a pretty little patchwork birdhouse.

The Birdhouse block uses skinny triangles which we came across for Block 17 – London Roads.
We first encountered skinny triangles with Block 17 - London Roads

But don’t worry if you didn’t get around to making that block as I shall show you how to use this method to create the birdhouse.

Before I do however, just a little shortcut - you can omit step 2 and keep the entrance square – the birdhouse will still look good.
You can leave out step 2 to create a square entrance if you prefer.

So onto using skinny triangles.   The directions explain the markings needed on both the J rectangles and on the bottom edge of the birdhouse.  

To create the right-hand skinny triangle corner place a J rectangle onto the birdhouse block (right-sides together) so that the marked line runs from the top right-hand corner of the birdhouse unit, down to the marked line as shown. 
Pin the J rectangle in place so it doesn't move as you stitch.

Stitch along the marked line before trimming ¼” from the stitched line.  
Stitch along the marked line before trimming.

Press the skinny triangle corner open before repeating for the left-hand side of the unit with the remaining J rectangle
Repeat on the left-hand-side.
If you follow the directions and diagrams in the book you will see that the markings are a mirror image of each other.
Two skinny triangles create the perfect birdhouse shape

And one other tip which is also included in the book – when making the two roof sections at step 12, press the seams in opposite directions (i.e. press the seams on one section towards the background fabric and press the seams on the other section away from the background fabric.)  This helps create nice sharp points on the roof as you nest the seams together.
Sharp points are all about pressing.

I hope you enjoy creating a nesting home with some of your favourite fabrics.  And if you get a moment why not share your birdhouse with me over on Instagram (#block34birdhouse) or in the Flickr group.

Join me next week as we create a very simple Topiary Tree block.  Until then ......

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