Saturday 12 August 2017

More Spelling Bee Picture Blocks

Spelling Bee Dog Block

I have completed another four more Spelling Bee blocks this week - the cutest of which is the puppy dog block – I say puppy because this is the smaller 6” block (the book also includes a larger 12" block). 

The Spelling Bee book by Lori Holt

Then came the flower block – another quick and easy block and a touch of Patchsmith gingham.
Spelling Bee Flower Block

Next was the globe bock which has three options – a one-piece globe, a patchwork globe and this heart globe. 
Spelling Bee Globe Block

This block requires you to trace the arc from the book onto the fabric – which is quite hard to do unless you have a light box or you tear the page from the book and tape it up to the window.  Instead I went over the arc with my thick black sharpie which made it show through the background fabric well enough for me to trace over it.
Making the template darker so that it shows through!

And the last block I made this week was the patchwork heart.  A very easy block
Spelling Bee Heart Block
I have decided to start sashing the blocks.  With careful cutting I was able to cut all the coloured sashing strips from one fat quarter (I folded the fat quarter into thirds and cut seventeen 1" wide strips to give me 51 sashing strips - two more than needed.  Be warned though - there is no room for error!)
All 49 check sashing strips were cut from one fat quarer.
I shall add scrappy posts to the sashing but more about that next time ..... 


  1. I love all of your Spelling Bee blocks! I really need to get started on mine.

  2. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. I’m not in the group but would love to join