Sunday 27 August 2017

How to spell Patchsmith in a Spelling Bee

Even though the sun has come out I still found time to make another five Spelling Bee Blocks.

Lori Holt's Spelling Bee Book

The House block is a really easy block – great for new house builders.
Spelling Bee House Block

The Jar block I would class as intermediate for two reasons.  One the heart is small and you need to match up the jar top with the lid – can be a little tricky.  But the main reason is that the photo of the block in the book does not match the directions.  You need to follow the cutting measurements given and the directions – not the photo.
I didn't patch the heart for the Spelling Bee Jar Block - it's simpler this way!

Next was the Sailboat block which I have named HMS Miss Bee. It reminds me very much of a sailboat block I created last year for my Block-a-Day - I named that one HMS Patchsmith (of course!).  
Spelling Bee Sailboat Block

And then I decided to make my ‘letter’ blocks – a capital ‘P’ .....
A gingham heart for The Patchsmith

And a lowercase ‘s’ .....
And a gingham daisy to follow!

Needless to say I added a little Patchsmithian touch of gingham– just to make the quilt uniquely mine.

I still have three more blocks to make but they are going to have to wait for another day.   But pop back in the week when I will be sharing some Bee Happy blocks and tips .....


  1. Totally sweet blocks! I love the personal touches you add to each block, that make them so cute and your style!

  2. These blocks look so cute! The little sailboat is so adorable, and all the letters are very sweet. Can't wait for your tips and tricks.