Sunday 9 March 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 16 and 94
I am finalising the layout for the Patchiqué quilt as discussed last time but it will consist of a total of 46 blocks.  This week's two blocks, one patched and one appliqué will move me closer along the Patchiqué trail.
Block 16 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
This week's patched block is Block 16, ‘Kasuri kawari igeta’ – translated as “Kasuri well curb variation”.  This block turned out lovely – I chose a dark lime green for the centre and the grid is made up of shades of green with very light green in the corner blocks. 
Patchiqué Block 16 - Patchsmith Style
However, I found it hard to use a scant ¼” seam as the corresponding grid pieces wouldn’t fit so I was very careful and checked my measurements throughout.  All seemed fine. 

Discover my disappointment then when I find the finished block is ¼” too small.  If I made the block again I don’t think I could do any better.  I am just hoping that I can cover this small discrepancy with the sashing border I will be applying.  Nevertheless it is a lovely block that I am very pleased with.
Next up is this week’s appliqué block – Block 94 ‘Kikkō guruma’ (Bellflower wheel).   
Block 94 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
I had to trim the leaves ever-so slightly to make it fit but I think it is a pretty addition to the quilt.  The book calls for fusible bias tape for the flower stems but I used fusible appliqué instead.  I haven't added any detailing at this stage as I am thinking this will be added through quilting detail.
Patchiqué Block 94 - Patchsmith Style
Both blocks were lovely to make and took just one sunny spring morning.  Is there anything nicer than patching and appliquéing with the sun streaming through the window? 
Another two blocks done - that makes 22 in total.  Still a way to go so be sure to come back and join me in a fortnight when I will be making blocks 27 and 114. 

Sew until then ...... 

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  1. Your blocks are just soooo pretty! They do bring some spring into our day!
    I am going to be very wary on block 16... but yours is perfect! And block 94 is just gorgeous in your fabrics! I think it is my favorite flower block so far of your quilt! I love that bell flower.