Friday 28 February 2014

Across the Pond for a free Shamrock Pattern
I love the first of the month – there are so many wonderful things to do and a whole month spread out in which to do them.  And March has a couple of extra special days in it.  At the end of the month it is Mother’s Day here in the UK - - but more about that next week.  First though there is St. Patrick’s Day. 

Celebrated on the 17th March, St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland.  Not so here in England but London marks the day with a HUGE parade and celebration in Trafalgar Square on the Sunday before.
Click HERE to find out more about the London celebrations
But don’t worry if you can’t get there.  You can still celebrate because the Across-the-Pond-sew-along group has chosen Shamrocks for this month’s theme.  Pop over to Susie’s Sunroom to find ideas and suggestions on how to create a quilted celebration (St. Patrick’s Day is a huge day in America too) - like this free Irish block-of-the-month by McCall's.
McCall's have 12 delicious FREE Irish blocks
And I have a treat for you too . . . a free Shamrock Coaster pattern – the perfect resting place for your warming Irish Coffee or that pint of Guinness.
This patchwork jewel of a pattern uses flying geese blocks to mimic a luscious, crisp shamrock.  The pattern includes two methods for making the flying geese together with colour diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Come on-board and join hands 'Across the Pond' as we bring the seasons and celebrations into our homes through stitching, quilting and patchwork.  And if you should find yourself with time to make a trinket or two then please share a photo with us over at the Flickr group. 
Sew until next time .......


  1. This is a beautiful pattern! Thanks so much for creating it and giving it to us for free! I love your Flying Geese instructions.... so clear and precise!
    This is another holiday favorite for me!

  2. Fun theme! I hope to come up with something.

  3. So tempting...maybe I'll have the luck o' the Irish and get some time for sewing soon!

  4. This is very exciting! I've been planning to get something Irish made to display and you and Susie have given me just the motivation, ideas and patterns!!! Thanks so much!

  5. I have to say I am not into St. Patrick's day. but I am getting to love green. Nice projects!