Sunday, 16 February 2014

Patchiqué Week 10 – Blocks 17 and 84
I have been working on the layout design for the finished Patchiqué bed quilt and I will publish it shortly.  But until then it is onwards along the Patchiqué trail.

Block 17 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
This week’s patchwork block is Block 17 ‘Kasuri taikaku’ (translated as Kasuri diagonal).   Kasuri is a Japanese fabric that uses dye to create pattern.  Susan Briscoe has rated this block as 'easy' and I agree although it is not a block I would recommend for a beginner patcher.
Patchiqué Block 17 - Patchsmith Style
I took it slowly, used a scant ¼” on ALL seams and the block went relatively well.  It worked so well that it measures exactly 9½” and didn’t need any trimming.  My handwritten note in the book reads ‘nice, neat block’ and so it is.

The appliqué block, Block 84 ‘Yamabuki’ (Kerria rose) was also a very simple block to put together using quick fuse appliqué. 

Block 84 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
The templates are to size for quick fuse applique but it does use quite a lot of fusible webbing.  In order to cut this down (it is so, so expensive) I cut out the middle section from the fusible webbing tracing of the largest circular template and used it for the small centre template.  What I also found a little surprising was how difficult it was to cut so many curves accurately.
Patchiqué Block 84 - Patchsmith Style
I fussy cut the centre section and, unlike the traditional yellow Japanese rose, I have created a rare raspberry pink flower.  The pattern in the book includes additional stitching but I have left it plain so that feature quilting can be added later on.   

So nothing much to report on the trail this weekend – no tigers or bears - just another two blocks - making twenty Patchiqué blocks to date.  I laid them out to see how they would go together and I was pleasantly surprised by the prettiness of this quilt.  The addition of sashing and posts will bring the whole thing together but more about that next time.

Sew until next fortnight  when I will be stitching Blocks 16 and 94 .....


  1. Your newest blocks are lovely! I really love your rare raspberry pink flower! The fabrics you are using make it such a pretty flower. And you are so precise and exact with your blocks.
    I will greatly love the help of our plan for making the quilt!

  2. Lovely blocks! Can't wait to see them together :) x

  3. Sooooo pretty Amanda!! Yes, beginners and corners. Still struggling, seems trimming is ALWAYS necessary then the block size is off and I decapitate my triangles. So I can just come over and look at yours. Thanks for giving me hope! Love the clovers..