Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Twelve questions to ask your Mug Rug Swap Partner

Many moons ago Amy, from Amy made That, asked me several questions prior to our first swap to gain an insight into my likes and dislikes.  This is such a good idea that I thought I would create a short list of twelve questions, specifically for the Springtime mug rug swappers.  Hopefully the answers to these questions will provide you with a hint of your partner's tastes whilst leaving you enough scope to use your fabric stash and fabric scraps. 
So without further ado - here they are:
1.         Bright or pastel?

2.         White or cream?
3.         Spring or Summer?

4.         Cup-and-saucer or mug?
5.         Floral or checks?

6.         Seaside or countryside?
7.         Red, green or blue?

8.         Hearts or diamonds?
9.         Stripes or dots?

10.       Cake or cookie?
11.       Smart or Casual?

12.       Modern or traditional?
And whilst you’re waiting to find out who your partner will be you might like to check out the Quilting Gallery Swap Facebook page for all the up-to-date gossip and chat. 


  1. I remember asking you the questions so long ago! Now that we've been bloggy friends for so long, I can even answer them for you! That's the best part about swaps...meeting the friends!

  2. Such great questions!! What a fun way to start to get to know a friend!


  3. Thanks for the great questions...You cover all bases.