Thursday, 22 August 2013

Patchsmith Christmas Mug Rugs

I have been working hard – designing and making a Christmas collection of ten seasonal patterns.  I say ten but actually, if you mix and match the units there are a lot more than that.  Two of the patterns have been in my Craftsy shop for a while now. 
The Snowman ..... 

and Reindeers ...... 

If you’ve already purchased these two patterns you wont be disappointed with this booklet – there are still eight new designs. 
Like Santa’s Wheel ......

and Three Trees .......

and Robin’s Card (this one includes a handy mock envelope that perfectly holds a gift card) .....

and quite possibly my favourite, Three Kings ......

The PDF Christmas Mug Rugs book is available in my Craftsy shop for immediate download - priced at just $9.99.   You will find other Christmas patterns there also.  You can also purchase this book in paper-back format by clicking on the Amazon banners on either side of this blog page.   
Sew until next time .......


  1. Brilliant patterns. You are SO clever.

  2. That's a fantastic collection! Your work is so wonderful.

  3. Oh MY!! This is so wonderful! Fabulous patterns as always. x

  4. Those are just wonderful. I love all your mug rugs. I have yet to purchase any but sure do plan to do so hopefully soon.

  5. What a great idea to make such pack. Your designs are lovely as usual. I love the tiny envelope.

  6. Your mug rugs are so beautiful. They shouldn't be used but displayed like Christmas cards, they're perfect!

  7. These are just beautiful! My 2 new favorites are the 3 Kings and the Robin's Card!! I must get started on some of these before December, so I can enjoy them and give them as gifts!

    Just think of the possibilities of combining components from all of your patterns...


  8. Wow what a busy little elf you've been!! This is a great collection thanks for the heads up! The Three Kings one is really nice and I'm partial to those reindeer! But seriously, with all the work that patterns are, you are underpricing yourself!! I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that but I have been meaning to tell you....

    1. Thank you Elaine, I consider that a compliment and you are not the first to say. I like to price my patterns so that everybody can afford them. The book does provide excellent value though as the price is in line with the kindle price I shall be charging.