Friday, 16 August 2013

Shooting Star Block Party

It is my pleasure to be hosting the Friday Night Block Party this week for Elaine of the Summer Crafter.  This is week three of the block party and Elaine has already reacquainted us with the fabulous nine-patch and the pinwheel. 
Building on from Elaine's pinwheel block party last week, I would like to introduce you to the Shooting Star block with free PDF pattern.   
This block is also known as Clay’s Choice as it was created to reflect Henry Clay’s efforts at pacifying both sides of the union/disunion conflict at the heart of American society in the 1830s.
Courtesy of
When I think of the Shooting Star block I imagine women sat together, stitching their patches discussing (maybe even arguing over) the current issues.  Should California become part of the union?  Should the North be forced to return the fugitive slaves?  Can Clay’s Bill bring about peace and harmony?  This makes me wonder if the Shooting Star was used only by women who agreed with Clay’s Bill or was it regarded as a block that reflected the joining together of differing opinions?  Whatever the answers to these questions, this block reminds me that women have always come together, with needle and thread, to create a life of fabric and friendship.
Red Roosters Free 8" Block
The Shooting Star block is made entirely from half-square triangles and squares making this an easy block to put together.   And depending on your fabric choices the block can look very different.   
Courtesy of Quilting in American
I wanted my block to capture the colours and beauty of summer so I created a cushion using one single 12” block that will brighten my sofa all year round.  
If you would like to make the Shooting Star cushion then print out the free PDFpattern giving you cutting sizes and instructions before hopping over to Amy-Made-That for a very, very, easy zipped cushion back.  
And once you are done pop back to Summer Crafter to link a photo of your completed block to be in with a chance for a prize.

Sew until next time ......
p.s. This block is also known as 'Star of the West' and there is a very good article on the Civil War Quilts website telling you more about women of this era. 


  1. It just shows that women have always been creative and thoughtful. Your block honors all the ladies of the past!

  2. I love your version of this classic quilt block! It's nice that you've included some history too. Thanks for the pdf tutorial!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  3. Your pillow is gorgeous! Thanks for the pdf pattern, and giving us the interesting history that is associated with the Shooting Star block.


  4. Yay! Amanda what a fantastic and informative post. Thanks so much for hosting. I made one tos but it's well over 12 inches, what was I thinking?! I think I was late to the parties, look at all the comments. Well done!!

    1. Perfect size for a larger cushion. I love your block and the fabrics you've used.