Sunday 1 September 2013

Across the Pond - Key-ring Pouches

Here we are again – time for a new Across the Pond Sew Along project and this month is all about key-ring pouches.  They come in all shapes and sizes and are so handy - you can clip them onto your belt or handbag.  I have made two this week – a round pouch for carrying my earphones (earbuds) and a small rectangle pouch which holds a credit card and some coins.  Both were super-quick to make and went together so easily and what is more, both are free tutorials from Erin Erickson of Dog Under my Desk.
The first little pouch I made was the round earbud pouch.  It measures just over 3" across and when I first saw it I thought it would be tricky - what with a zip in such a little pouch. I couldn’t be more wrong. The whole thing took me 30 minutes from start to finish.

Erin's tutorial is so clear and easy to follow.  There is a PDF download for the pattern pieces.  I used four charm squares from Summersville Spring by Moda and I used felt in place of batting, thinking it would be thin enough - it wasn't – it was too thick.  So my advice is to use fusible webbing, batting or iron-on interfacing.   I added a lobster clip so that I can attach it to my belt loop.  This would make a great stocking filler for a teenager. 

I corrected my ‘batting’ mistake with the second pouch – the easy zippy pouch (another great tutorial from Erin).  This time I used a 6” x 5” piece of fusible batting left over from our very first sew-along project (Amy’s Anita Tote Bag).   This pouch measures 3” x 4” and is the perfect size to hold a credit card and cash.  I can attach mine to a clip on my mobile phone so I have everything I need close to hand.  I quilted this little pouch by following the pattern of the fabric - very easy to do and it looks quite effective.  And just in case you think I am falling out of love with gingham - it is lined with red check.  I love it.  (Erin has a clever way of covering up the raw edges on the zip - you really must try it.) 
My hint for both pouches is to use a zip a lot bigger than you think you will need.  I used two 7” zippers which were perfect.  If you are new to sewing with zips then these projects are for you - they are SOOOOO simple.  This little pouch would make a great standby gift to have wrapped and ready for any occasion.

Have you got a favourite key-ring pouch or fob that you like to make?  If so share it with us on the Flickr thread for this month’s sew-along.

And please jump on board and join Amy, Susie and I each month as we go ‘across the pond’ to find you some great free projects and tutorials..  If you have time make the project, if not just browse – either way join us as we set sail into Autumn.


  1. Your zip pouches are absolutely DARLING!! And fun!! I love those clasps, too. Anything with zippers and hardware are a win!! I like how you quilted around the fabric design on the credit card pouch, too. Just the right touch!!
    I must get busy and sew mine!


  2. I have never made those tiny ones. It looks like challenge to me :-) I like that chubby one with the felt :-)

    1. It really isn't a challenge - 30 minutes is all it took and I am a zipaphobe! I've seen your work - I wouldn't be surprised if you have them made even quicker.

  3. WOW! So tiny and full of purpose especially for pesky children that lose everything (and their mothers!) I just may have to try it. I did manage one, but without the keyring. Love that fabric Amanda, from one zipophobe to another! : D