Monday, 25 June 2012

Zakka Pot Holders

I love Zakka Mondays - I almost jump out of bed ready to start the current week's project.  And this Monday was no exception - I was eager to start on the lovely pot holders designed by Kim Kruzich of  (Note this weeks' blog hop is being hosted by Lindsey of LR Stitched in a change to the programmed blog host.)

Unfortunately, like two of the previous projects in this book, there is an error in the instructions which you need to be aware of.  The pocket binding and pot holder binding cutting measurements are incorrect.  Thankfully Kim has provided amended measurements and a very helpful tutorial on binding these beauties - so be sure to check it out before starting this project.

So, how did it go?  Well overall this was a fairly straightforward project once I had got the binding measurements updated.  The pattern required enlarging but, as I don't have a scanner at present, I used a plate which measured exactly 8½" in diameter.  Like any sewing project, the hardest part is choosing the fabric - so many choices, so many colours, oooh, yes, no, maybe, some of that with that, or that but what about that ..... you know what I mean don't you?   I finally opted for one bright green and one red pot holder.  I was tempted to make two red ones as my kitchen has accents of red in it but the greens just called to me - "pick me, pick me" - so I did!

And here is my only real disappointment with this project ...... I love gingham and had included a red gingham fabric as the first strip (strip 1) in the red pot holder (you can see it above).  However, the pattern calls for 6 cotton fabric strips and one linen strip, sewn together to create a 10½" block.  It is from this block that you cut an 8½" round.  And herein lies the problem - 8½" from 10½" means 2" of fabric goes to waste.  Not a problem you would think but strip 1 measures only 1" after binding and strip 7 measures 2½" after binding.  So either strip 1 remains and strip 7 reduces to ½" or strip 1 goes and strip 7 remains.  Or maybe it is my cutting as the ones in the book seem okay and Lindsey has posted hers on Flickr and it looks really good.  As you can see from the cutting - I lost the red gingham totally.
It is true that I could have centred the fabrics more but I would still have lost most of strip 1 after binding and, as you can see in the finished potholder, there is only a very little of strip 2 showing right at the very top:
Even with the green pot holder, where I did try to centre it more, I still lost one strip - a lovely olive green fabric that had pleaded so nicely to be included - oh the sorrow!!
Never mind - there will be other projects that call for red gingham and olive green - I feel sure of it.  Other than losing two fabric strips, the project went together without a hitch.  I used a double layer of batting as I didn't have any 'insulated fleece' and ironed it relentlessly until it was thin enough to go through my sewing machine.

The binding went on a treat although I did cut it down - the amended measurements recommended 3" wide binding for the potholder but I found this far too wide and cut it down to 2".  I also reinforced the pockets on the back by double stitching the binding on where it overlapped the pockets.

I also think a loop fixed to the back would be a good addition although I am using my pot holders as mats at present.

But I can't stop and chat - there are things to do - like making it up to a little olive green fabric and a red gingham strip ...... until next time.


  1. Nicely done!! I felt the same about my end strips, but overall, a fun little project!!

  2. I love those cheery colors, I can see how they'd make great trivets!

  3. Boy, do I wish I'd read this before I made mine tonight! I wondered about using a dinner plate instead of all that fiddling around I did to enlarge the pattern. This week, I'm going to stalk your blog for a few days before I make mine! Yours turned out fabulous!