Saturday 14 July 2012

Forget-me-not Elephant Bookmark

I would like to think that some of you may have wondered where I've been and why I haven't posted this week's Zakka project but, in all honesty, I think that my absence wasn't forgotten just unnoticed.  Well I'm back from my holiday in the Lake District in England having just spent a week in a little whitewashed cottage in the small village of Hawkshead.  Yes, 'tis Beatrix Potter country and I saw her original black-and-white pictures which were on display for the first time in the gallery there.  I also visited Wray Castle where Beatrix and her family spent their summer holidays - also open for the first time this year. 
I have been going to the Lakes every summer for the past decade so I knew that the rain would arrive and when it did, I was ready.  Tucked away in a corner of my suitcase was my Zakka travel sewing kit, Zakka book and a few charm squares of fabric.   When the rain set in and the hardened walkers went out exploring, I curled up on the sofa in front of the fire (yes - in July!) and set about this week's project - a lovely little bookmark in the shape of an elephant designed by Kat Mew of Zakka Inspired.  
I am pleased to say this project went without a hitch.  The instructions were clear, the template was the exact size and the project was perfect for hand-stitching.  I wanted my elephant's face and feet to be rather plain so I hand-stitched a strip of beige striped fabric to the top and bottom of a Moda 'Flora' square and used this for the elephant's body.   Even turning the body out the right way was relatively simple although turning the trunk was not!!  I added ribbon embellishment, a little button for the eye and tied a little piece of pink ribbon into a neat bow for her head. Hey-presto - a pretty little reminder of where I am in the Zakka sew-along.

One of my favourite places in Hawkshead is a little tea shop called 'Poppy Red'.  Not only is it a tea shop but it also stocks lots of lovely little knick-knacks.  I popped in there for my lunch on Tuesday and demolished a cheese and chutney panini washed down with a frothy coffee (yes, it was as lovely as it sounds - the birds were hopping on the back of my chair singing for a crumb - 'not a chance' I sung back!).   After lunch I took a stroll around the shop and picked up a trinket for my sister (and a couple of hand-made buttons, a notebook and some ribbon for me - just out of support for the local artists you understand!!!)   It wasn't until I arrived home today and unpacked that I realised how very appropriate my sister's gift was for this week's Zakka project - it is a little hand-carved forget-me-not pot.  So that is one person, at least, who will remember me next time I am late with my post!!!


  1. Welcome back, Amanda! Your little elephant is a delight, and I'm soooo impressed that she's been stitched by hand!

  2. I am sooooo late with my bookmark but wanted to see how you did it. Panini and chutney sounds delicious no wonder the birds were chirruping. Your post make me laugh.

    1. Let me know when it is up on Flickr - can't wait to see it.