Monday 4 June 2012

Zakka Organizer - Week 10

I am reinventing the word Zakka as a verb as in:  "I'm zakkaed from undertaking this week's project" - it was the hardest task so far.  The project was not helped by the multiple mistakes in the book (mainly in the cutting instructions) - click here for details.  If I wasn't in the sew-along I would've been really annoyed as no 'amendment sheet' was included when purchasing the book.  Thank goodness we had a blogger who was on the ball to host this week's project - Spotted Stone even noticed an additional error in the interface cutting instructions!
My favourite part of any project is selecting fabrics right at the beginning and this week was no exception.  I chose a beige heart print with mid-blue fabrics to go with my jeans and denim jacket.  After all, this organizer has enough pockets for all the essentials that I can leave my handbag at home and just grab this wallet and go.  I added an applique flower just to jazz it up a bit.
I am really pleased with the finished project though and it was well worth the hard work.   There are lots of tips with the Spotted Stone who made three organizers in order to perfect the project - strewth, one was a lot of work I can't even imagine how long it took to make three.   I would also add that if fitting the pen holder then adding a piece of firm interfacing to it, just slightly smaller than the fabric, will make the pen holder easier to use.   It is fiddly when turning it right-side out but much better to slip a pen in and out of.

Aside from this project I have also been practising my free-style quilting on strips of fabric.  It is early days and there is plenty of room for improvement but here is a peep at my efforts so far:


  1. Love the wallet, great colours and the applique'd flower really finishes it.

  2. Oh, it's really pretty and will look great with denim and jeans! Thanks for the tips! I love the flower on the outside and all the fabrics you've chosen.

  3. I am intimidated by this project too...probably coming off the back of last weeks HUGE bag effort. So I appreciate the tips and links you have given. I love your FMQ samples with the keep it up!

  4. Love how your flower in your banner comes back in your organizer. Even more fun to see than on flickr!
    In Dutch we have the word: Tjakka - which someone introduced to give you positive energy. Now it is used when you achieve something and are very proud of it. It reminds me of your verb ;o)