Tuesday 14 December 2021

No Binding Mug Rug

Celebration Candles Mug Rug minus the binding

If you don't like binding small quilts or mug rugs - don't.  There is a simple way to finish your mug rugs without having to bind them.  (However, if you do like the finish that binding gives, check out my free handout on the three most popular binding methods HERE.)

Some people like to bind and some people don't

To skip the binding, make up your mug rug top as per the pattern.  When you are ready to quilt the mug rug, omit the backing material and placing the batting behind the mug rug top.  Quilt as desired.  If you are making a QAYG mug rug, like the Celebrations Candle mug rug, the quilting would have been completed as you stitched the mug rug together.

Nearly finished - just need to applique the flames.

Once the quilting is finished, trim the batting to the same size as your mug rug top.  Place the backing rectangle, RIGHT SIDE FACING UP, on the work table.

Place your backing rectangle right side facing up

Place the quilted mug rug top, RIGHT SIDE FACING DOWN, onto the backing rectangle.  Pin or baste to stop the two layers moving, ensuring you keep both flat and crease free.

Place the quilted mug rug top right side facing down

Stitch around the mug rug top, through all layers, using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 2-3" gap along one side of the mug rug.   TipMake sure to overstitching securely at the beginning and end of your stitching to stop the seam coming undone when turning the mug rug out.

Trim the backing rectangle to the same size as the mug rug top and trim the corners before turning the mug rug right side out.  

The back of the mug rug will hide all your thread ends.

Finally, press and stitch the opening closed.  I find little hand-stitches help the opening remain invisible.

Very small hand stitches close the opening

And there you have it.   A quick and easy way to finish a little quilt or mug rug.

Grey and silver make a sparkling Christmas mug rug.

Wishing you all..........



  1. Very good tutorial, Amanda. This is an adorable pattern. It looks good in any fabric combination, but I really like the red and green one. Merry Christmas to you from Minnesota, USA!

  2. Lovely mug rug Amanda and the tutorial is great! Merry Christmas xxx