Monday 10 December 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 41 - Checkerboard

Block 41 - Checkboard

This week’s block is one of those blocks that looks more complicated than it is especially as it can be created using my slice-and-dice method. 

You start off with two strips cut from two fabrics (total four fabric strips).
Start with four strips from two fabrics

Stitch them together along the long edge to create a single patch.

From this patch you cut four strips.
Tip:  Do not press at this stage as this will give you wiggle room when matching the strips in the final step.
Trim one end and cut your strips from there..

Turn two of the strips upside down.
By not pressing you will have wiggle room for seam matching

 Stitch the strips together to create a Checkerboard block.
Completed Block 41 - Checkerboard
I look forward to seeing your blocks – just tag #block41checkerboard or #thepatchsmith on Instagram.  Alternatively post a photo to the Flickr group.

Until next week .....

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