Monday, 3 December 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 40 - Saltbox House

Block 40 - Saltbox House
This week’s block is an excellent applique block for a beginner because crooked and wonky add to the rustic appeal of Block 40 - Saltbox House 

This block comes with a layout sequence detailed in the pattern and shown in diagram format on the applique page.  But I thought it would be fun to show you photographs of the sequence.

First you need a 6½” background square and follow steps 1 and 2 of the pattern to create your applique fabric shapes. 
A 'Gooseberry' background (by Lella Boutque)

To place the Saltbox House you need to start with the pitched roof section and position it 1” in from the right-hand edge and ½” up from the bottom edge of the background square.
Positioning is easy by lining up a ruler with the block edge

Next add your window wall section so that it overlaps the pitched wall everso slightly.
Do not fuse the pieces until the roof has been added

Then add the roof so that it overlaps both the pitched and the window walls as shown.
Adjust the pieces if necessary before fusing and stitching.

Tip:  If hand-stitching you could fuse and stitch the windows onto the window wall and the door and star onto the pitched wall before stitching them to the background square - just make sure to leave the paper on the back of the wall pieces until you have fused the smaller pieces in place.

Using dark thread to add a rustic touch
Then it is just a case of stitching the pieces in place.  Use any stitch you like and embrace the odd wonky stitch or uneven shape - it all adds to the appeal.  To add a rustic appeal to a machine-stitched house use dark thread otherwise, keep your house neat and tidy with co-ordinating thread.

Coordinating thread will keep your house neat and tidy

This week’s block goes very well with next week’s sliced patchwork block - the Checkerboard.
Block 41 - Checkerboard
In the meantime I look forward to seeing your blocks – just tag #block40saltboxhouse or #thepatchsmith on Instagram.  Alternatively post a photo to the Flickr group.

Until next week .....

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