Monday, 16 July 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 20 - Orange Pumpkin

Block 20 - Orange Pumpkin

It may be summer outside but in the Patchsmith Sampler Blockssew-along we are turning towards Autumn with the next two blocks.  And we start with Block 20 – Orange Pumpkin.

This week’s block is a beginner block with just one seam to match (and I have a tip to help you match it perfectly).  It is a great block for using up scrappy strips of fabric. 

However, if you want it quicker and simpler then use just one fabric for the pumpkin. 
A simpler version of Block 20

To do this replace the six (A) rectangles with two 3½” x 5½” rectangles in your chosen pumpkin fabric.  
Replace the A stips with two same-fabric rectangles

Then, instead of creating quick corners at the top of two strips of fabric for the stalk core (Step 2 of the pattern), create quick corners on the top inside corners of your two pumpkin rectangles as shown.
Create the stalk core using two quick corners on the inside corners

Next join the two rectangles together to create your main pumpkin rectangle.  And here is the tip for getting the seam to nest perfectly – press one of your quick corners towards the pumpkin fabric and press the other quick corner away from the pumpkin fabric.  This will help you nest those diagonal seams. (This also works if using scrappy strips.)
Press your quick corners in opposite directions

Look how well those points match up. 
Perfect points

Once you have your main pumpkin piece, whether from one fabric or strips, the next step is to turn the rectangle into a pumpkin shape using four background quick corners.
From rectanbgle to pumpkin oval

Create the top leaves and stalk at steps 5 and 6 of the pattern and there you have it - a glorious Orange Pumpkin block.
You can add detailing when you come to quilt the finished project

So I hope this week’s block provides a quick respite from the hot summer sun.  I would love to see your versions over on Instagram (#block20orangepumpkin) or in the Flickr Group.  Next week we will continue with the Autumn theme as we make a scrap-happy Acorn Block.   Until then .......


  1. Another fun block. Thanks for the alternate version and thank you for the matching tip.

    1. You are very welcome. And remember - you can always email me if you have any questions (link in profile).

  2. Love the quilting on the simpler block. The pumpkins are really cute!

    1. Thank you Janet. It is VERY hot here in England so I am enjoying these cooler-weather blocks.