Monday 2 July 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 18 - Fruit Bowl

Block 18 - Fruit Bowl
This week’s block – Fruit Bowl - builds upon the quick corners we learned earlier in the sew-along although the quick corners in this block are quite small. 

Although there is no real matching of seams in this block do take your time when stitching the pear together as you want the top and bottom sections to meet neatly.   I didn’t take care with my ¼” seam allowance and my pear didn’t meet up exactly ......
The top and bottom sections of my pear didn't meet neatly

..... so I restitched it. 
Summer Fruit Bowl

But this is just me being fussy so don’t worry if your pear is a little wonky. The most important thing in this sew-along is to have fun and to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

And just because I used two apples and one pear doesn't mean you have to. You could use purple fabric for the apples and turn them into plums or have a bowl of three pears, or two pears and one apple. This is your fruit bowl - you get to choose.  

I look forward to seeing your fruit bowls over on the Instagram (#block18fruitbowl) or in the Flickr Group Until then .......


  1. Another fun block. I bought the printout but time is not my friend right now, and my machine is in the shop, so this is a project for later.

    1. Something to look forward to. I hope you enjoy the blocks. You will find bonus blocks for some of the blocks (Buttons and Spools for instance). Just click on the Patchsmith Sampler Blocks tab and then click on the photos to go through to the relevant blog.

  2. I received your book "The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks" in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for choosing me. I know this book will get a lot of use. I love your patterns, especially the applique designs. Thanks again. I love it.