Monday 30 April 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 9 - Bullseye Block and Mug Rug

Block 9 Bullseye

This week’s block will help you hit the mark and hone your quick corner triangles - it's the Bullseye block.

The center is a simple framed square .....
Bullseye Block - Steps 2 and 3

And from there it is a case of sew and repeat.   Firstly you add four small quick corners.
Bullseye Block - Step 4

Then you frame the square again ......
Bullseye Block - Steps 5 and 6

Add another four quick corners slightly larger than the first .......
Bullseye Block - Step 7

Then you frame the square one last time ....
Bullseye Block - Steps 8 and 9

Finally you add four background quick corners, bigger than the previous .......
Completed Block 9 - Bullseye

Simple, quick and very smart. So quick in fact, I had time to stitch three arrows from Block 17 'London Roads' to create a Three Arrow Sidebar.  It goes perfectly with the Bullseye block.   
Straight shooting for a fun Bullseye Mug Rug

(The arrowheads of the London Roads block use Skinny Triangles which I will be showcasing when we get to Block 17 - along with the Three Arrow Sidebar.)

I look forward to seeing your blocks on Instagram (#block9bullseye) or in the Flickr Group.  

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