Monday 16 April 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 7 - Butterfly Garden

Block 7 - Butterfly Garden

This week’s block uses my strip applique technique whereby we patch the applique prior to cutting it out. So for the border you will need sixteen 2” squares.  
I cut my border squares from four co-ordinating charm squares.

Follow the pattern to stitch the squares together in groups of four using a ¼” seam allowance and press the seams open.   
Join the patches into four groups of four
with seams pressed open
Next trace the scallop border template from the pattern book four times.   Mark the dotted lines onto your tracing.  Cut out the four scallop borders roughly although you should trim the pointed ends exactly. 
Trim the pointed ends exactly to size. 

Fuse a border onto the WRONG side of your four-patched strip matching up the traced lines with the seams.  The border will only just fit onto each strip as the patched strip and the border are the same length.  (To protect your ironing board you may want to place a scrap of fabric over your board before fusing the tracings in place. This is a good tip for all fusible applique.)
The tracing should measure the same length as the patched strip

Now you can cut out your tracings exactly and peel the backing paper from each strip.
Peel the backing paper off carefully so as not to pull the seams apart

Position one border along the top edge of the background square and another border along the bottom edge of the background square and fuse in place. 
Position the top and bottom borders first

Next place, and fuse, the final two applique borders onto the sides of the block. The borders should overlap very slightly (or at least butt up to each other).   Stitch around the inner edge of each border (there is no need to stitch the outer edge)..
Stitch around the inner edge of the four borders

You make the butterfly in a similar way using two rectangles patched together. 
Strip Applique Butterfly

Position the butterfly centrally onto the middle of your bordered block and stitch in place. 
I pieced one border in the wrong order - but it still looks pretty.

A really easy alternative is to create two butterflies and fuse them onto the background square.  (Leave at least ½" between the edges of the background square and the butterflies.)
Two butterflies fit neatly onto the background square.

If you like making butterflies this way then you'll love my Butterfly Patch mug rug.  It makes the perfect Mother's Day gift and is super quick if you follow my quilt-as-you-go tutorial.   
Butterfly Patch Mug Rug pattern - only $1.99

Next week we will be adding a Field Rose (Block 8) to our quilt.  Until then ........

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