Sunday, 10 December 2017

Applique, applique - everywhere

My Christmas Nativity Mug Rug applique gets a new location.

Two years ago I shared with you my version of Hearts and Bees ‘One Hour Basket’.    You can find my original post here - it includes details of where to position the applique onto the basket.

I just wanted to update you that the link has changed – the pattern is now available in PDF version via Craftsy.  There is a small charge (about a dollar or 75p in English pennies).  It is will well worth the money - click on the link below to go through to the pattern.

by Hearts and Bees

Until next time ......

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  1. I enjoyed your post and the little mug rugs to go with it. I am glad you are staying with the blog because I don't do instagram and I don't care for the FB either. It is a log easier to go back to reference something in a blog than it is in FB or Instagram. Thanks for sticking with it.