Monday 27 July 2015

Modern Mary Mug Rug

If you are in need of a quick gift for friend, you can’t go far wrong with my Mug Rug Alphabet pattern and a few squares from a fabric panel.  
My alphabet letters fit perfectly on the squares of these
Modern Minis fabric panels.
Cut your letters first, lay them out onto your background fabric, remembering to allow for binding and then cut the background fabric 1” larger than you need.
But I can't stop and chat I must get working on Elizabeth’s named mug rug ...... now that really won't fit on a 10" x 5" rectangle!


  1. Love it! Now for some back-reading to catch up on your blog.
    Hope you're well xx

    1. Thank you Nora. I gave this mug rug to a dear friend today and she loved it too. I am well thank you - I hope you are too. xx

  2. I love your Alphabet letters for appliqueing, Amanda! Named mug rugs or pillows are such wonderful gifts!