Saturday 4 October 2014

Round and Round - Across the Pond

The Patchsmith's Autumn Rag Wreath
The trees around the small village where I live are turning the most incredible oranges, reds and yellows as the autumn season rolls in.  Such was my inspiration for this month’s Across the Pond sew-along theme - FABRIC WREATHS.  

I have often seen rag wreaths on Etsy and in craft shops but I have been loathe to pay the price when I was sure, with a little bit of help, I could make my own.  And I was right.  There are so many tutorials and variations on fabric wreaths that making one is simplicity itself.  All the tutorials have one thing in common - no sewing required!  

All you will need is a ring and scraps of fabric.  The ring can be made from styrofoam or wire (just look for florist rings in your nearest craft store) or, if you are feeling really crafty, you could make a ring out of an old wire coat-hanger (check The Rustic Pig for details).

Stuck for inspiration - do a Google search for 'Fabric Wreath' and you will see what I mean about variation! Here are a few examples to whet your appetite .....

Mamaslittlemonkey uses a sytrofoam ring, a pen and some fabric circles to create this sophisticated wreath:
Mamaslittlemonkey Fabric Wreath
Or perhaps like me, you prefer a rag wreath.  This one from Hiphome is so pretty and a great stash-buster:
Hiphome Rag Wreath
A ribbon wreath looks so pretty and quick to do when made using a styrofoam ring and pins over at Family Crafts:
The age guidance for this DIY project is 6 years - so it is a great project for
new fabric wreath makers
Or how about this ribbon wreath from the Gilbertson Family, which uses the rag tying technique and a wire ring:
Gilbertson Ribbon Rag Wreath
I love the Styrofoam and pin ribbon ring - it looks so easy to do but, as I have always wanted a rag wreath, that was my choice for this month.  I did have a little practice by making a rag garland for a wooden sign I created.  
For my wreath I used a 10” wire frame and a flannel print I had in my stash, along with a touch of yellow, orange and red cotton scraps.  
Autumn Flannel
The flannel print worked well as the pattern is on both sides of the fabric, unlike quilters' cotton.  Linen would also work well but as it is over $25 a yard here in England, it is just way too expensive.
I cut the strips 1" wide by 5" long for the wreath whereas, for the garland I used 1" x 4" strips.  The garland looks a lot neater so I am assuming the longer your strips the tattier the look.  I didn't knot my strips - I just tied them once and they stay perfectly in place.  

The effect is stunning and my autumnal wreath sits on my mantel, along with the fabric pumpkins from last year .... remember those? 
Fabric Jack-O-Lantern and Pumpkins
I can't believe how easy it was to make and a Christmas one, with red and white fabric is next.

Fancy joining in this month and having a go?  If you do then please post to the Across the Pond Flickr group so Susie, Amy and I can swoon at your wonderful creations.

Until next time ...................


  1. You had me a stash buster! My comment disappeared so delete if two show up. Love this idea and the options you showed, All of them lovely and I like the rag garland too!

  2. So inspiring, Amanda! I must say yours is my favorite of all these examples. The flannel is so home-y and soft. I've got some great fall flannels in my stash, and I'm going to try this out asap!

  3. Oh how fun! This is so pretty. Yes, a Christmas wreath would be fun. The Dollar Tree here in the US has the wire as well as the Styrofoam wreaths.

  4. Your rag wreath is gorgeous!!! The colors are stunning... so warm and rich! I love yours the best of all of your examples. I am going to stop at the local Dollar Store to look for wire wreath, that A Quilter's Mission (above) has informed us of. This is a lovely and fun fall project! Great selection!!

  5. Yours is perfect! Lovely inspiration too!

  6. Very beautiful . I bought some fabric from the fabric exchange and I cant wait to make my own version of this for myself.

    1. I have a red gingham rag wreath on my mantel at present. I love it.