Sunday, 19 October 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 46 and 113

Today marks the final blocks for the centre panel of my East-meets-West Patchique quilt.  First up is block 46, Chigai kaku (translated as ‘different angles’).  This is a fairly easy looking block and so it would have been had the diagram included the additional part-sewn seams that are required.
Block 46 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
One of the strengths of the Japanese Taupe Quilts book has been the diagrams.  The diagram for block 46 showed the two part seams at the centre.  However, there are also another two part-seams which were not shown.  I have circled them in red below. 
This is the first omission I have come across in this book which is remarkable when you consider the detail and diversity of the blocks.  What you can’t see so well from the book photo is that the two interlocking squares are different fabrics.  
Patchique Block 46 - Patchsmith Style 
I went for green interlocking squares and it worked out fine and will fit in nicely with my other blocks. 
Block 113 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
The applique block, Tessen (‘Chinese clematis’) required the background circle to be patched into place!   I wasn’t about to piece a circle so I created a 7½” circular cut out from the background square.  I then quick fused the clematis onto an 8” square and lay it behind the cut out so that the clematis is showing through.  
Patchique Block 113 - Patchsmith Style
It turned out very pretty and looks much nicer than the photo.  But be warned – if you copy this method you will need to use a lot of pins to make sure the circle doesn’t move as you stitch it in place.  In fact, if I were to make this block again I would fuse and stitch the clematis onto a 7½” circle of fabric and then fuse the circle to the background square – this would be so much easier. 
Just four corner blocks left to make!
So there you have it.  The main body of the quilt is complete.  Next fortnight will begin the corner border blocks with blocks 60 and 121.  In the meantime I shall be searching out a lovely border fabric – very much like the green in the diagram.

Sew until then .....................

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  1. These last 2 main body blocks turned out to be intricate, and it is fitting that you picked them near the end!
    Your interpretation of East and West meeting in Patchsmith style is stunningly beautiful, Amanda! I so love the colors in your quilt! I am thankful for you figuring out the hard parts in the blocks, and will take your advice when making them for my quilt this week!!