Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 45 and 70

The weather here in England has been glorious and I’ve been out and about cycling around the country.  But there has still been time to continue with my Patchiqué project.

Just like the last days of summer, my Patchique trail is also coming to an end and I find myself on the home-straight as I complete another two blocks.  Want to see the proposed layout for the whole quilt?  Of course you do.
Patchique Quilt Layout
(the blank squares are the last eight still to be completed)
This week I added patchwork block 45 ‘Komochi kume igeta’ (translated as ‘grouped well-curb whirlpool’). 
Block 45 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
The notes I've added to my book read “very easy – very nice”.  This block was a delight to make as it went together really easily. 
Patchique Block 45 - Patchsmith Style 
The block includes a part seam in the middle but this was simple to do as the book has clear instructions.  (One of the high points on this trail has been the piecing diagrams in the book – follow them exactly and all will be well.)

However, the appliqué block 70 ‘Shikishi’ (translated to ‘calligraphy cards’) didn't work out quite so well. 
Block 70 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
All appeared to be going well until I photographed my finished block and I noticed one of my little squares was out-of-alignment (bottom right-hand corner).  Do I redo it?  Do I heck as like (translated as ‘not a chance’).   
Patchique Block 70 - Patchsmith Style 
When placing your squares make sure that one whole side of the smaller square is covered completely by the larger square to its left (look at the placement diagram and you will understand what I mean).  The notes added to the book for this block, even before I noticed my mistake, read “boring - add stitching to central star”. 

Only eight more blocks to go which should take me to the end of October. Next fortnight will be the turn of Blocks 13 and 93. 

Sew until then ......


  1. Well I wouldn't have notice if you hadn't pointed it out! LOL... It still looks gorgeous and so does the pieced block. You're well coming along with this project. I like your little visual chart too. Bet you'll be fit by the end of all the cycling!

  2. The visual chart was created using Word! As for getting fit - next year I am hoping to cycle from your neck of the woods, John-O-Groats to Lands End - not in one hit you understand - over four sessions. But I love cycling - it is slow enough for me to enjoy the countryside.

  3. Another set of beautiful blocks to add to the quilt, Amanda! I love your block #70 just as it is... the colors are gorgeous! Your diagram for the layout is just perfect! Wow are you good at diagramming!!!