Monday, 22 September 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 13 and 93

The Patchique Project - Quilt Layout 
When I started the Patchiqué project is was with a view to combining both patchwork and appliqué in one quilt.   What I didn’t expect to find however, was that I enjoy the patchwork more than the appliqué.  But I do.  I lose myself in the patchwork with each block taking about an hour at most (including cutting).  This week I created block 13 – Yottsu masu (translated as ‘four square measures’) and I really enjoyed myself. 
Block 13 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
This block begins with the stitching together of three one inch squares which gave me the impression it would be a fiddly morning. But I was wrong; once the initial centre square is completed the rest of the block is pure fun as you add courthouse steps.  Unfortunately I initially created block 13 without reference to my previous Patchiqué blocks and when it was done, I realised that it was too fussy and didn't quite fit in.  
A tad too busy for the Patchique quilt 
So I redid it.  But this was no hardship – it was just more playtime.
Patchique Block 13 - in true Patchsmith Style 
Once the patchwork was done, I moved onto appliqué block 93 – Hosoneji kiri guruma (‘elongated paulownia wheel'). 
Block 93 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
Quite straightforward appliqué – nothing much to report, aside from the leaves being back-to-front on account of my use of the quick-fuse appliqué method.
Patchique Block 93 - Patchsmith Style 
The pattern called for stem stitch to link the small flowers to the center but I found it too heavy for the fabrics and changed it to a rustic running stitch. 
Much more Patchsmithian don't you think?.  Next fortnight will be the turn of blocks 46 and 113.  

Sew until then ........

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  1. I really love the flower with it's striped fabric ! And the little gingham flowerettes make it sew sweet! Very pretty blocks to add to your beautiful collection of blocks.