Friday 20 June 2014

4" Nested Churn Dash Blocks

My baby 2" blocks have grown into 4" toddlers.  And I've lost a little on some of the baby points.
But I guess that is to be expected when using teeny-weeny 2" blocks and sewing them up after a full day at work!  Besides, I'm not going for perfection - the overall look should more than compensate for a few short points! 

I had to improvise with the background check on this round as I ran out of the smaller mink check.  So two of the blocks have a different check for the half-square triangles.

But I love scrappy, happy projects and this nested churn dash sew-along is certainly that.

From 4" toddler to 8" teenager next ..... sew until then .......


  1. I love your choice of fabrics

  2. These are looking so sweet!

  3. These are precious! I love both of them !! I like how you are using the red triangle throughout , that allows the other fabrics to be scrappy and not "busy" ! I tried to put some together, and could not get the right fabrics together. Well done on yours, Amanda!!

  4. I just love them more with every stage - yours are growing up to be so very sweet!

  5. I found your blog after seeing your Wishes Blocks and love the fabrics you chose. I also like the fabric choices for the Nested Churn Dash. I am going to enjoy your blog. Sandy in Canada.

    1. Thank you Sandy. And if there is a subject or topic you want to read about just let me know.