Thursday, 1 May 2014

Now where did I put those glasses?
I would like to see what the new project is for the Across the Pond sew-along – if only I could find my glasses!

I would like to admire Susie's hexagon glasses case - if only I could find my glasses!'s+Sunroom)

Oh here they are ......
Easy-peasy Glasses Case
... in the nice new glasses case I made.  It is a free pattern from Hillside Quiltworks and I can’t tell you how much I love the finished item.  What is more – it only took 20 minutes from start to finish.  Perfect for my reading glasses.

But unfortunately, it isn't big enough for my sunglasses.  I know, I know, I could easily adjust the pattern - but there is no need.

Melissa over at Polka Dot Chair has already done it for me - in the shape of a zipped ‘Sunnies’ glasses case.

Instead of a word, I appliqued a pair of glasses.  If you want to do the same then click here for my free glasses applique sheet.
So now, regardless of whether I am out-and-about or staying-at-home, I can always find my glasses. 
Jump on board the Across the Pond sew-along and whip up a functional little item to keep or to give.

Sew until next time ......


  1. Neat. I especially like your button zipper pull :)

    1. And so you should - I got the idea from the lovely house pouch you made and which I use every week to take my sewing out-and-about.

  2. Fabulous! Not only the idea but the fabric you used. SO happy!

  3. Wow - these are cute! I think I've got 20 minutes - will have to see if I can whip up a little case for my own glasses now!

    1. I reckon it will only take you 10 minutes - I've seen the speed with which you stitch up a herd of elephants!