Monday, 5 May 2014

Mother's Day Mug Rugs 2014

Mother's Day has been-and-gone here in Britain but for many it is fast approaching.  Are you stuck on ideas for a Mothering Sunday gift?  Got a few scraps to hand?  Then whirr up that sewing machine and spend a couple of hours creating a little piece of fabric magic:

For the mother who loves hearts:
Heart Banner Mug Rug

or flowers:
Flower Vase Mug Rug

or cake:
Coffee and Cake Mug Rug
or coffee:
Skinny Latte Mug Rug
or ice-cream:
Ice Cream Sundae Mug Rug

For the mother who gardens:
Growing Flowers Mug Rug
or sews:
Sewing Machine Mug Rug

or reads:
Tea and Books Mug Rug

For the mother who likes butterflies:
Butterfly Patch Mug Rug

or ladybirds:
Ladybirds/Ladybugs Mug Rug

Did I miss anybody out?  Then this is just the thing:
Mum/Mom Mug Rug

 for mothers everywhere.


  1. What a fabulous variety to choose from!!
    These "little quilts" always remind my mother that I love her, every time she puts her cup of tea down on it. I am going to make a ladybug mug rug for her this year.

    1. My mum too. She had the 'Mum' version last year and this year she had the Butterfly Patch. My father also has his 'Dad' mug rug on his bedside table. I love making something from very little.

  2. You have such a talent for creating the cutest mug rugs! I love them all!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

    1. I am so flattered - I've seen your work - it is awesome. I can only aspire to be as good.

  3. I just love your super cute mug rugs. They're so original which is a wonderful things to see.

  4. They are all so cute and I couldn't pick just one fav :-)