Sunday, 19 January 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 26 and 77
This week threw up a lovely surprise on the Patchiqué journey – Block 26 ‘Ichimatsu yotsu me’ (translated as four checked squares). 
Block 26 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
A lovely little block that was relatively easy to put together and looks quite stunning.  It is another favourite.  I followed the cutting sizes, used a scant ¼” seam and the block turned out to be a perfect 9½”.  Quick and easy.
Patchiqué Block 26 - Patchsmith Style
Susan has marked this block as medium difficulty in the book and I guess I would agree with that, especially if you are using a directional print.  I really enjoyed making this block and it came as a refreshing change after all those little, fiddly blocks I’m making for the Quilty Fun sew-along.
Block 77 ‘Ken yotsu me’ (four sword squares) was another easy applique block. 
Block 77 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
But note, if you are using the fusible appliqué method you will need to cut the B squares ½” smaller than stated in the book as the book details the needle-turn appliqué method whereby you turn under ¼” all the way around the block.  So cut your B squares 1¾” square rather than 2¼” if using fusible webbing as I have.
Patchiqué Block 77 - Patchsmith Style

So there you have it – a relatively easy week on the Patchiqué trail with one morning’s work turning out two wonderful additions to my Patchiqué quilt.

Susie, from Susie's Sunroom has been following along and has posted all her blocks on Flickr.  Look at this lovely collection.  I love the colours she has used.

Next fortnight I shall be attempting Block 24 patchwork and Block 69 for the appliqué block so be sure to check back to see how I get on.
And don’t forget, the Quilting Gallery/Patchsmith Mug Rug Swap registration closes on Tuesday.  If you haven’t joined yet there is still time (just leave a message of the Facebook page as the Quilting Gallery website is undergoing some maintenance).  You will also find an extra page in the Mug Rug Basics tab detailing how to add small details to your mug rugs. 

But don't worry if you don't get a chance to join in - I will be adding the two patterns to my shop at the end of the week so you can still make up the designs.

Sew until next time .....


  1. Looking at your progress I realize that I'm absolutely not able to figure out what the final quilt will look like. That is probably a reason why I don't do many blocks in the quilt :-)

  2. Another pair of beautiful blocks, so precisely made! I really love the colors and shapes in your block 77.
    I am always so appreciative of your tips along the way... that's why I wait for you to do them first!

  3. These are oh-so-pretty! It will be a lot of fun at the end of the journey to look at each and every block.

  4. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla