Friday 3 January 2014

New Year - New Across the Pond Project
A new year and a new Across-the-Pond sew-along project – the scissor keeper.  Susie has rooted out many lovely versions of scissor keepers – from owls to hearts!  In fact there are so many it is difficult to choose which to make - check them all out at Susie's Sunroom. 

But choose we must and Susie and I have chosen a very similar design.  Susie made Vicki's Fabric Creations design in stunning turquoise and white.  Lots of room there with three nice sized pocket.
Susie's Scissor Keep
My design also has three pockets - two at the front and one at the back.  It is a FREE and easy pattern from Cotton Creations - sounds perfect for me.
Cottons Creations FREE Scissor Case Tutorial
I followed the tutorial exactly and my orange and jade scissor keep is the perfect size for my larger scissors, together with a chopstick (for turning out corners) and my rotary cutter.
There is another pocket on the reverse!
But I also wanted something to take with me when I sew-on-the-go – as I often do.  So I remade the scissor case using a 7” x 8½” rectangle.
My 'about-town' scissor keep. 
This version is ideal for my small scissors, pencils and ruler – all the things I need when sewing and designing around town.

I didn’t have fusible batting so I used lightweight interfacing instead.   It works just fine and the scissor case has a firmness that ensures the scissor points wont stick through. 

The flowers were easily made.  For the larger scissor keep I fused and stitched a fabric flower onto a circle of fabric and then made a yo-yo from the circle. 
This was stitched to a larger yo-yo and a button placed in the centre.  For the little scissor keep it was just as easy – I fused and stitched fabric flowers onto circles of felt before cutting out around the flowers.  These too were stitched in place with a button. 
I am thinking a scissor case would make a lovely little gift to pop in with a mug-rug when sending to a swap recipient.  It is lightweight and unique – a perfect combination for a little something extra (you can find more mug-rug-swap gift ideas here).  And if you are wondering whether there are any mug rug swaps coming up then watch this space ..... the Quilting Gallery and the Patchsmith may have some news for you very shortly.

Sew until Sunday when I will posting the next two Patchiqué blocks .......


  1. These are all so cute and fun! The ideas are buzzing in my head already :-)

  2. I got a pair of pinking shears for Christmas and need to make a scissor keep for them and my other large scissors. This should be perfect.

  3. I love your scissor keepers! Your fabrics are so sweet. I especially love that strawberry print! And, they do hold a lot, and so handy to customize the size you need.
    Can't wait to see what is going on with Quilting Gallery soon!!!

  4. Two very cute scissor keepers! Love them both :) Now decisions, decisions. Happy New Year!!

  5. Very very sweet - I love all those pockets and the fun flowers! That is such an excellent idea to make these for little swap extras. Everyone has extra scissors here and there, it seems.