Saturday, 21 December 2013

Patchiqué Week 6 – Blocks 11 and 78
Well things have moved up a notch with Block 11.  The book details 49 pieces in this 9” square – phew!   But I took a shortcut as I so often do. 
Block 11 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
The block is called ‘Kasuri koshi’ (Kasuri check) and it is a lovely looking block.  To speed up the process and cut down the number of pieces I strip pieced two sections as follows:

Section 1:     
From A cut three 2” x 7” strips
From B cut two 1¾” x 7” and two 1½” x 7” strips 

Section 2:     
From B cut three 2” x 7” strips
From C cut two 1¾” x 7” and two 1½” x 7” strips 

Stitch the strips together as shown below before pressing all seams in one direction.  Then from Section 1 cross-cut three 2” strips and from Section 2 cut two 1¾” and two 1½” strips.

Then it is a simple case of stitching the strips together as shown below:
I say simple but it is only simple if your cutting is accurate and your seam allowances are accurate (scant ¼”).   My way is quicker and less fiddly but it still requires matching of seams.
Block 11 Patchiqué Style
I have to say, I wouldn't make this one again. 

This block is marked simple in the book yet I would mark it medium.  This is a little worrying as I haven’t even started on the ‘difficult’ blocks yet!

And so I turn to the appliqué block for this week, Block 78 ‘Rokuyō’ (translated as hexagonal flower).
Block 78 Photo from the book
The template for this block requires you to fold a square of fusible webbing into quarter squares and cut it out as one would do when making a paper snowflake.  A little tricky but doable.  I have not added detailed stitching yet but I think I will add a running stitch outlining the center motif.
Block 78 - Patchiqué Style
I like this block – it is detailed yet quite quick to do.  So the time spent on Block 11 was recovered on Block 78.  Oh and a little tip:  when cutting circles do not move the scissors to cut but keep them still and move the fabric.  This will create a smoother edge.

Well there you have it - the first twelve blocks in the Patchiqué project (you can check them all out here).  Next time I will be patching Block 15 and appliquéing Block 75. 

Which just leaves me wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of fabric, fun and friends.
Sew until next time.....


  1. Oh, my goodness - I don't think I will be making that block #11, unless I am really feeling like a champion. I have to admit that it's "gingham" appearance is very tempting, though. And now...#78 is my {new} favorite...not likely to be changing any time soon! Beautiful!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! Good luck with your projects and many fun ideas for 2014 xx

  3. Beautiful blocks. Especially #11... I can't believe how perfectly you made yours! You excel in Patchwork, that's for sure! Your #78 Hexagonal flower is so delicate and pretty!
    Happy New Year! Thanks for your inspiration!