Sunday, 8 December 2013

Patchiqué Week 5 – Blocks 10 and 110
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What a lovely week on the Patchiqué trail with Block 10 ‘Kasuri kawari hana' (a Kasuri flower variation). 
Block 10 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
This block contains a few more pieces – or so it seems on first sight.  But actually I loved making this block.  I didn’t know I would when I started to make it but it is really simple and very effective.
Block 10 Patchsmith Style
It is rated as ‘easy’ by Susan Briscoe and I completely agree.  In fact, it my favourite block so far.  I used a Japanese print for the dark colour and a taupe for the light. 
The applique block for the week is Block 110 ‘Matsu guruma’ (translated as Pine Wheel). 
Block 110 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
At first I thought you stitched the stems to the leaves and then cut the six pieces out but this isn’t the case.  You actually construct the leaves from two pieces of bias cut fabric stitched together and then overlay some fusible bias tape.   I tend not to do ‘bias’ cutting – not for binding and not for applique so instead I cut the leaves from a directional-print fabric. 
In order to create all six leaves I stitched two 28” x 2½” strips together and then cut all six leaves from this piece – so much quicker than doing it individually.
I also don’t have fusible bias tape so I traced 4¼” x ¼” stems onto fusible webbing and fused them to contrasting fabric before fusing and stitching them over the seam of each leaf.
Block 110 Patchsmith Style
Finally I fused a circle in the middle in place of a yo-yo.  So a little Patchsmith variation but I am happy with the outcome.

That is ten blocks made so far and I lay some out together to get a feel for the finished quilt.  It still lacks some unity but I think this will come as I make more blocks and then add sashing. 
Nine of the ten blocks made so far.
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Sew until next time ........


  1. What fun making blocks this week! My {new} favorite is the Pine Wheel - YOUR way. It's a brilliant process, but the fabrics you used make it a real winner!

  2. Beautiful blocks - when you are finished and ready to put them into a quilt, it is going to be fabulous!!!

  3. I agree... what a beautiful mini quilt it is at this early stage! I am so happy you are here to help me figure out how to make these blocks!! You are the best!!


  4. I really like your color selections it's the perfect balance!! beautiful!