Sunday, 10 November 2013

Patchiqué Week 3 – Blocks 4 and 72

Japanese Country Style
This week, on the Patchiqué journey to enlightment, I continued with simple patchwork in the form of Block 4 ‘Yotsu kumi sujikai’ (translated ‘four paired braces’). 
Block 4 from the book
It was so quick and easy that it went without a hitch so nothing to report here.
Block 4 Patchique style!
And likewise for applique Block 72 ‘Itsutsu matsukawabishi ' (translated as ‘five bark diamonds’).
Block 72 from the book
This block is rated as 'advanced' in the book yet I found it quite simple - especially using the quick-fuse method (raw edge appliqué) - so I am not quite sure how the blocks earn their rating.   And one of the things I like about Japanese Taupe Quilts is that all templates within the book are printed at the exact size.  The instructions suggested placing each diamond at 72 degrees but I just eyed it up and it seems to have worked out fine.    
Does this block remind you of anything?
However, I don’t like this block.  It isn’t that it was difficult – it wasn’t.  It isn’t the fabric – I love the fabric (though the photo was taken at night so the background doesn’t show its true cream beauty). Nope - the problem I have with this block is I don’t see bark diamonds – I see Klingon warships.  And in a quilt where the blocks are meant to “combine into works of tranquil beauty” it just doesn’t feel right to have Klingon anything let alone warships!  Is it just me or do you see it too?
Oh well, in the interests of peace within the Federation - the block stays.  But let's hope that next fortnight's blocks (patchwork block 8 and appliqué block 73) bring us back into the realm of Japanese calm.

rut until poH veb ........ (Klingon speak for ‘sew until next time......’)


  1. I agree. Klingon warships. Not tranquil. LOL

  2. He he, where did Klingon warships came from? I had no idea you were into this stuff. Do you plan on doing some mosaic with the blocks you already have? I would like to see them all together (being impatiente) :-)

    1. I am planning on putting the blocks together into a bed quilt using sashing. But before I even get there, I need 53 blocks! Only another forty-seven to go.

  3. Your block 4 is so pretty!
    And agree that it goes together smoothly.
    I gotta say that yes, 72 looks like Klingon warships! You made me laugh as I made my block!


  4. Oh Amanda you are too funny! Well I didn't see Klingon warships until you mentioned it, LOL.. I can see the 5 diamonds though...It is probably marked as difficult because the one in the book was needle turned applique and will all those sharp inner and outer points it would be a bIngDaq pe'lu' 'oy'.... to do. LOL... Your blocks look wonderful as usual :) Still chuckling away here... xx

    1. I am so impressed with Susan Briscoe's work - the book is so well laid out and everything just flows. But I would need to have the Borg collective behind me before I attempted to needle-turn Block 72. Her work is amazing!

  5. OK, I am obviously not a Trekie and had to google Klingon warships...I still can't see them! Maybe I'm finding the wrong pictures, but... I do see diamonds - just not sure where the "bark" part comes in, but maybe I'm too literal!! I think your blocks are lovely and perhaps when it is quilted it will feel less like a warship and more like a diamond to you :)

  6. No Star Trek for me, so this block just looks like an intriguing, well-executed optical illusion. Susie was the sci-fi fan in our family, but now we're both fans of quilt blocks.