Friday, 1 November 2013

Bobbing Apples across the Pond
Halloween is such fun isn’t it?  We lit the pumpkins and the trick-or-treaters came knocking.  But that was yesterday and today is November! 
A new month brings with it a new Across the Pond Sew Along project.  This month Amy, from Amy Made That has chosen ‘Apples’ as her theme and she is showcasing a nice selection of projects to whet your appetite.  And Susie has already made a very pretty patchwork table topper.
Susie's Apple Table Topper
Apples are the perfect choice for November here in England as the 5th November is Guy Fawkes Night and apple bobbing is a traditional part of the celebrations. 

One of the projects Amy mentions just so happens to be the very project that I have chosen - Lori Holt’s apple blocks.
Courtesy of Bee-in-my-Bonnet Sew-A-Row Block 4
I stitched three together to create a mug rug wall hanging.   Yes, you heard right - a mug rug wall hanging.  All you need do is add quick corner triangles to the back of a mug rug and it can hang in the kitchen, ready for when you need it.

Apple Mug Rug Wall Hanging
The apple block was a free project in Lori’s Sew A Row Quilt Along from 2012 and the tutorial is really easy to follow.  Unfortunately the cutting measurements are no longer included in the tutorial - I am guessing this is because Lori has recently released the Sew-A-Row quilt in her "Quilty Fun" book. I could've waited for the book to arrive but I am too impatient so I did the math.  Each block measures 4½” wide by 5½” tall (unfinished) so my mug rug wall hanging measures 12½” x 5½” finished.  Two blocks would’ve made a good desk mug rug but I wanted something longer for the pickles and sauces on the Guy Fawkes night table.

And if you decide to make a mug rug for this month’s project and you want to add quick corner triangles to the back – here is how to do it.
1.         Once you have quilted your mug rug and before you sew the binding in place, cut two 3” squares of fabric.  Fold the triangles in half, wrong sides together, on the diagonal and press. 
2.         Pin them to the top two corners of the mug rug at the back. 
3.         Bind the mug rug as you normally do and the corners will be stitched in place at the same time. 

4.         Then all you need to do is insert a chop-stitch or twig into the triangles and hang your mug rug from a nail or tack.
If you use the same fabric for your triangles
as your backing - you'll hardly know they are there!
So now you can make all the mug rugs you want and display them as a collection.  And when you do, don’t forget to post your photos to the Across the Pond Flickr group so we can all have a look.
Sew until next time ......................


  1. This is a cute fall project! Your apples are so very cute! I love putting them into a mug rug/wall hanging! This is a cute gift to give for the holidays, too.


  2. Oh, yes, it certainly IS November now! lol I just LOVE this apple quilt, just ripe for the sew along. It will be such a fun decoration for Guy Fawkes Day!

  3. Pretty cute and great choice for binding!

  4. I am joining in the Quilty Fun Sew Along so these apples were good practise as I wait for the book to arrive ..... all the way from the USA.

  5. Gorgeous apples.
    And thanks for that great tip tute too.

  6. I love these apples, I have been eyeing them on Lori's quilt but I especially like your "spirally" quiliting! Yes, I am contemplating getting the book too. I need a sneek peek!

  7. Love your idea! Thank you for the tutorial too, great tip. It's a beautiful wall hanging/mug rug and the quilting is the cherry (or apple?) on top!

  8. ahhhh, these corners are awesome! Then it only takes one nail. My mom would do her wall hangings with a sleeve and then you needed two nails ... and leveling was always a pain! Yes! Thank you! :)

    Leigh Ann aka m0mmar0ar

    1. Glad you found it Leigh Ann. The good thing about quick corner hanging is that you can still use the mug rug as a mug rug without unsteadying the cup.