Sunday, 28 April 2013

Turquoise Reindeer

I am going to make a couple of assumptions about you all today.  Firstly, as you are reading this blog I predict that you might just put needle and thread together now-and-again.  Am I right?  I also predict that sometimes you sew in your pyjamas – right?  And some mornings when you wake early, you don’t want to put the sewing machine on for fear of waking the family so you grab a piece of hand sewing – correct again eh?  Well welcome to my world.  And it is an odd world at times (as many of you will already know)! 
One day a couple of weeks ago I had been working on a reindeer design that had been in my sketchbook since before last Christmas.  
The sewing went well – two designs were made up – one Scandinavian in style and one with Christmas binding.  As far as I was concerned I went to bed with the task in hand completed and a job well done.  And that is where I should’ve left it .... but did I?   Did I heck-as-like?
The following morning at 3.45 a.m. I woke with turquoise reindeer running round my head – the noise was deafening and I had no alternative but to get up and find a way to let them out to play without waking the family.  So I set out with needle and thread and hand-appliqued another reindeer mug rug.  What I should point out here is that it was dark – very dark and my daylight lamp was downstairs in the lounge.  Had I attempted to move it I would’ve woken the family for sure so I used the light above my bed (the same light that fills up the fluorescent stars on my bedroom ceiling – ‘tis a very odd world indeed!!) 
So here is another assumption I will make about you – that you have sewn something by hand – close-up work – feeling pretty pleased with yourself because it all looks so lovely.  You then put the completed item down and go and make a cup-of-tea.  When you return you no longer see two lovely turquoise reindeer – instead you see two psychedelic reindeer, wearing what appears to be a dress and all you can think of is ‘ABBA’ (the pop-group).  Why ABBA?  I have no idea – sometimes even I do not understand the world inside my head!

Daughter sees mug rug and says, “Strewth, either you were on drugs when making that or you have a serious problem”. 
Son says, “Cool mug rugs - I like the turquoise one the best”.  
Welcome to my world son – welcome to my world.

p.s. From his facial expression, the reindeer on the right doesn’t seem too happy to be wearing a psychedelic dress but Rudolph seems very pleased indeed!!!

p.p.s.  If you are wondering why Christmas mug rugs in the middle of April?  The answer lies with Amy of Amy Made That.


  1. A-DOR-ABLE pattern!! Totally cute in all colors and themes!
    Any quilter will tell you it's ok for you and Amy to be making Christmas gifts in April.... as long as you didn't put up your Christmas tree and the icicles outlining your roof, too !


  2. Absolutely LOVE your psychedelic reindeer.

  3. Not sure which is my favourite ;) all three are so very cute. Love the fabric you used on the turquoise one. Thanks for the story, had me chuckling away here. LOL.. hugs Elly

  4. I love them, I love them all!!! They look so innocent, are they??????

  5. I think that " Turquoise Reindeer" would make a really cool song title....or rock band name!! ;)

  6. Love your Turquoise Reindeer. It is more my style.
    Do you have a pattern coming out?

    1. Thank you. The pattern is in my Craftsy shop - just click on one of the pictures and it will take you straight through to the pattern.

  7. The reindeer are gorgeous, and I LOVE the turquoise ones, but then, I do like a bit of quirkiness in quilting...

  8. Love the reindeer in dresses so quirky
    and yes I also sew at 3am I guess it helps
    sometimes to have insomminia

  9. You are the dancing queen! Just funny. I totally see the ABBA personality in those psychedelic reindeers.

  10. I love the kids responses to your handiwork. They all look very Christmassy.

  11. I LOVE the turquoise reindeer. Great colours on the bodies. Works well.